Who are we?

The company started as a full-time water vending station in Baybay City, Leyte and was named VMAC VENDING MERCHANDISE AND SERVICES in 2016 under its sole ownership.  In order to supply the emerging demand for peso water vending machine, the company launched its water refilling station in in 2018 and on the following year the water purification equipment supplies store under the name VMAC COOLBLUE WATER STATION.

We are the first in the market giving an irresistible package with peso vending machine for water business starters at an affordable price and quality customer services.  We wholesale, retail and provide the best service to our clients all across the Philippines. We handle all sorts of water and wastewater treatment for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Today, we can proudly say that with a strong foundation in the water business we have gained the trust of water refilling station operators, homes and offices, and commercial and industrial establishments.

Business Focus

            Our business lies in partnering with our clients to meet their project requirements.  We offer customer-friendly and reliable after sales service in our water refilling station equipment projects & supplies, Peso vending products, and implementation during system definition, build, commissioning and handover to our customers in the areas of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.  Our vision is to establish standard water purification supplies and equipment nationwide that will become the number one choice for households, offices, commercial and industrial plants. We are proud to offer our customers the products that can meet their needs for purification systems that are effective, efficient, and affordable. 

Our Clients

                We already service clients mostly in Region 8, Cebu and Luzon area for water purification treatment for aspiring entrepreneurs who wants to engage in the water refilling business.  We also have a renal dialysis center in Manila and conduct technical maintenance and troubleshooting services.   

We offer our clients after sales service that will surely mark the continued patronage of the happy customer. A happy customer must be served with continues supply of safe and healthy water anytime, all the time. An interruption of the water station business due to disruption of the operation brought about by service problem has to be avoided.  With the availability of our technical support team on based, and with phone support technical assistance, and training will surely make one customer satisfied.

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